Hello World!

Photography is an art. There are large number art forms but photography is unique because it is the still one of the few art forms that has been touched soo much by technology and yet the basics are still are as important as they have been during the conception of photography.

Cave painting that dates to over 38,000 BC has been found which clearly displays the human’s want to express what he sees and projects his thoughts on the canvas. Paintings have been considered to be an important medium of expression and have even contained hidden messages that fueled revolutions. And early 19th century, the conception of capturing light and projecting it onto a frame was conceived and ever since then, the technology has been on an exponential rise.

Now we are at a point where every handheld device comes with some form of a light capture device, camera. This increase in complexity has allowed a decrease in size and decrease in cost of ownership to be possible. However, the tradeoff is that what required extreme discipline and efforts to be learned in the last decade is now thought to have been mastered by everyone!

But is it really easy to master the art of photography? is that even a feat possible for anyone?

We are not concerned about mastering it, we are simply attempting to learn and appreciate the light and the technology that has beautifully evolved around it, in turn, helping a beginner grasp the basics of photography.

Stay tuned and keep reading for some very blunt yet important factors in photography.


Photography 101 & Thoughts

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